ARCHIE the cartoon bear is the latest recruit to the Acorns fund-raising team, one part of a two-pronged fund-raising initiative from the children's hospice.

Coinciding with the launch of national children's hospice week (September 17-24) is the 'small change, big difference' campaign which, together with Archie, offers supporters two simple, yet effective ways to help provide care and support to life-limited children and their families.

People are urged to fill a pair of gloves with spare change and pop them into a special glove box in one of Acorns retail shops, or make a donation of £1 and wear an Archie badge in their lapel.

"It costs £19 to provide one hour of care for one Acorns' child," says community fund-raiser Dawn Pawlett. "So your small change can help to make a big difference to Acorns' children and families.

"We cannot give the children we care for more time, but by enhancing their quality of life, we can make each minute, hour, day or month they have left really memorable."

If you would like to get involved in Acorns' 'small change, big difference' campaign by taking an Archie collection box or glove box for your workplace, college or school, call Jane Hartnell on 0121 248 4801 or email