HOUSING association tenants are being given a voice to get "grot spots" on their estates cleaned up.

The Marches Housing Association says an Estate Walkabout scheme it is piloting in Leominster is proving to be a resounding success.

Community housing officer, Joanne Morris, and a tenant representative walk the town's Barons Cross estate every month to pinpoint eyesores.

Overgrown kerbsides, dog fouling, abandoned cars and graffiti are noted and information is passed on to bodies such as the council, Highways Agency, or police.

"The scheme is designed to give residents a level of ownership on the environment of their estates and tries to engage those people who would not ordinarily take part in this type of activity," said Joanne. "We've made it as easy as possible for them to take part so, rather than attending meetings at our offices, the scheme takes participants out on the streets where they live, in the environment that they are most familiar with.

"Barons Cross was an ideal place to try this scheme as it's a reasonable sized estate with a good mixture of grass and play areas, car parks and alleyways."

Tanya Forrest, a tenant who joined Joanne for her first walkabout, said: "I'm happy to help create a better environment for my children and others on the estate.

"Since my first inspection with Joanne, other tenants have already made suggestions on how we can improve things."