DAREDEVILS have been risking life and limb by using a historic bridge near Hay-on-Wye as a makeshift swing.

A member of the public found the blue rope and tree branch wrapped around coping stones on top of Bredwardine Bridge last week.

Council officials were soon alerted and went straight out to the River Wye crossing to dismantle the home-made swing.

Jim Smith, Herefordshire Council's senior technician, said: "Clearly we are very concerned for the safety of people who would consider setting up such a deathtrap.

"It was strong rope but there were a number of safety issues, including the risks associated with any movement of the coping stones, traffic on the bridge and, not least, the 50ft drop into the water.

"I would strongly advise people not to attach a swing or bungee rope to a bridge or other structure."

Highways technician Richard Morgan is pictured taking down the home-made bungee jump from Bredwardine Bridge.