Yobs who are making life a misery for Bromyard residents will be taken out of the town centre and, if under 16, escorted to their homes.

Police will have the powers to move people, by force if necessary, from Monday, August 1, when a dispersal order will come into effect.

The order, which comes under section 30 of the Antisocial Behaviour Act 2003, is part of a police response to continuing complaints of disorder and disturbances.

Police have had reports of drink and drug abuse, stone throwing, trespass, abusive language, urinating in public and in the town.

The act allows police to effectively ban troublemakers from a zone incorporating the town centre, down across the A44 to an area around Pinetree Close, for 24 hours and gives them the power to arrest those who don't comply.

Under-16s found causing trouble will be taken home and their parents will be informed.

"We used section 30 in Bromyard last year and it was very successful," said Insp Bob Barnett.

"But I appreciate this power is quite draconian and that is why I will only be using it for five months, by which time I hope to have some longer-term solutions in place to combat the problems of anti-social behaviour."

The police have been working with Bromyard Town Council and other bodies to draw up a long-term strategy to tackle the issues.

It is hoped projects like the skatepark, youth festival and summer activities in the town could reduce the amount of anti-social behaviour.