WHINGEING Worcestershire has tried to torpedo Herefordshire's flagship development project, writes BILL TANNER.

A mega-million pound cash boost that could kick-start construction around Hereford United's Edgar Street football ground has met with moans from over the Malverns.

But the whiners won't get their way, our money is here to stay. Consultants continue to claim that Herefordshire remains the best bet for returns on such a massive investment.

Worcestershire was one of the regions to see red when Advantage West Midlands (AWM) chose Herefordshire as a single Rural Regeneration Zone (RRZ). They had envious eyes on a handout of around £50-100 million.

Herefordshire Council leader Terry James told Friday's meeting of the full authority that 'representations' from these regions had prompted AWM to re-examine its initial decision. But speaking after the meeting Councillor James stressed that any action to appease 'grumblers' would not reverse the county's good fortune.

Some of the money is destined for an ambitious initiative to develop the Edgar Street grid.

A multiplex cinema, sports administration centre, hotel, offices and shops are envisaged for the area around the football ground.

There were fears for the scheme's future when news of an AWM re-think emerged.

Councillor James, however, is adamant that sulky neighbours won't sink a flagship project. He's had assurances that the RRZ decision will stand.

Consultants advising Advantage West Midlands, he said, still maintained that Herefordshire had the best case for cash and could deliver achievement on investment.