HEREFORD Hospitals Trust's two year appeal for £850,000 has reached the half way mark, and half the target, writes LIZ WATKINS.

Appeals co-ordinator Jenny Dereham and chief executive Jeremy Millar marked up the £400,000 plus figure on the thermometer on a wall outside the County Hospital.

The appeal money is being used to buy a range of state of the art equipment across a range of specialities in the new hospital.

Money has been coming in donations large and small and was recently boosted with a gift of £200,000 from the Eveson Trust.

This amount will be used specifically to purchase a blood analyser, one of the most up to date in the world and the first ever to be acquired by the Trust.

Many fund raising events have been postponed because of the foot and mouth disease but most are expected to take place once restrictions in the county have been lifted.