HERE is the photographic proof the Hereford public has been waiting for - the sponsors of the floral displays on the city's ring road are alive and well.

Pictured clockwise from left are Shane Powell, of South Hereford Audi, Jamie Alexander, of Left Bank Village, Andrew Lamputt, jeweller, and Zarrea Plaisier, Left Bank Village.

The fantastic four agreed to be pictured after The Hereford Times received a call from a reader concerned that a businessman whose name was attached to a floral display had been killed in an accident on the ring road.

They all say that there is nothing funereal about the displays as some have claimed, although one joker said the sponsors looked a bit like pallbearers!

Meanwhile, on a more serious note, the Hereford in Bloom Committee is looking for 'help all round' to welcome the Britain in Bloom judges to the city on July 26.

The committee has also placed on record the 'excellent help afforded by both city and county councils'.