Hereford Rowing Club crews are training hard for the National Championships after giving a good performance at the Henley Royal Regatta.

Christian Jones, Paul Watkins, Ali Campbell, Les Morris, Pete Clarke, Darren Williams, Mark Weaver and Andy Moxon, coxed by Robin Morris, beat Wallingford Rowing Club by of a length in the Thames Challenge Cup for eights.

However, they lost their next race to Ireland's Neptune Rowing Club, by 2 lengths. Neptune then progressed to semi-finals before being eclipsed by the eventual winners from Ghent, Belgium.

The coxless fours crew of Christian Jones, Les Morris, Ali Campbell and Andy Moxon raced Bedford RC and came from behind at the first-timing point to win by a length.

The Hereford crew did not perform as well in their next race against Henley RC and were beaten by four lengths.