IT is sometimes said that communication is an art, well in the case of the brand new exhibition at Parkfields Galley at Pontshill, the phrase takes on exactly the opposite meaning.

The 'Dialogue' exhibition brings together an eclectic mix of art, sculpture and contemporary craft from both local artists and makers and those with national status.

Sue Collinson, whose remarkable sculptures have already intrigued collectors from London, decided to give up work to become a full time ceramicist in just 1999. It is Sue's striking work that forms the basis of the publicity for the exhibition; they are already becoming quite a conversation piece on their own!

The gallery will also have works from Amanda Popham, whose work was being sold by Libertys of London whilst she was still a student.

Tony Hopkins work is known for its strong, linear images and Tony himself says: "My work aspires towards simplicity and clarity.....landscape is my inspiration and guiding concern." But we feel sure you will want to comment on his powerful images.

Another conversation piece is bound to be Mollie Meager's glass panels. Mollie feels that glass can both transmit the light and, by altering its surface by colour or etching, can 'hold' the eye.

Julian Bray's work is best summed up in the words he chose to illustrate his pieces in the collection: " we ran giddy through the streets, the buildings stood around and chatted..."

Set in the glorious gardens of Parkfields House just outside Ross, the Gallery is a true delight to visit, particularly in the summer months. The permanent display of sculptures in the grounds is an added benefit for those visiting the exhibition.

The 'Dialogue' collection will run from July 5 to August 27 and is open every day between 10.30 am to 4.30pm. It definitely has exhibits that are bound to create a dialogue between those viewing it!

For further information telephone 01989 750138 or visit