FETE -- Almeley Church Fete will be held at Hall Mote, Woonton, by invitation of Mr and Mrs J Hibbert, on July 21, from 3pm until 5.30pm. Admission is free. Anyone wishing to have a lift from Almeley to Hall Mote should contact Evan Hughes on 01544 340588. Among the activities will be games, swimming, stalls, a raffle and teas. In addition, there will be two classes of children's fancy dress. Contributors to the stalls should contact Chris Dew on 340705 (bottles), Margaret Hope 340276 (cakes and produce), Iris Lanham 340588 (plants) and Olive Morgan 327446 (white elephant).

PARISH COUNCIL -- PC Roger Bradley, the newly-appointed beat manager for Kington, attended the annual meeting held in the village hall in June. He complimented Almeley on the effectiveness of the Neighbourhood Watch scheme and the low number of recorded crimes. Chairman Terry Holden thanked the post office and village shop management for their support during the current foot and mouth outbreak, for farms suffering from restricted communication. He also expressed thanks to Mr R Baldwin and Mr P Mokler for their dedicated maintenance of the War Memorial and its environs.

OPEN GARDEN -- When the owners opened their lovely gardens at Stonewell Cottage recently, more than 100 people attended and £220 was raised for the Methodist Circuit Funds.

SCHOOL -- The recently-constructed safe area at Almeley Primary School was opened at the 'Teddies Tea Party' in June. On Polling Day, when the school was used for voting, pupils and staff enjoyed an outing to Dan-yr-Ogof. This event was paid for by the PTFA. Rehearsals are under way for the end-of-term production of 'Oliver' to be held on July 13. There will be performances at 1.30pm and 6pm.

LEAVERS' SERVICE -- This year, the service to celebrate the journey of the children from primary to secondary education will be held at St Mary's Church, Almeley, on July 19 at 10am. All parents, grandparents and friends are invited to join the children who are leaving Almeley, Brilley and Eardisley schools. Tea and cake will be served after the service.

CHRISTIAN AID -- Miss Mary Whittal, the local organiser for Christian Aid, thanks the people of Almeley for their contribution of £255.36.