Herefordshire Council is to order the completion this month of improvements to the car park next to the Oatleys Meadow beauty spot in Ledbury, for the benefit of summer visitors.

The council's parks and countryside service says it hopes the planned maintenance will "ensure the car park is better available for use by visitors to this public open space".

The unitary authority has been concerned that parking spaces have been taken up by commercial vehicles being parked up on the site, and measures will be taken to prevent this in future.

A height restriction barrier is to be installed, so that lorries will not be able to use it.

Geof Taring, parks client officer, said: "Also, we plan to have the parking area resurfaced and add extra drainage to alleviate 'ponding' on the car park in heavy rain. We're hoping the work will be completed during July, so that the car park will be available for people to use throughout the summer holidays."

Some of the paths around the beauty spot may have to be diverted for several weeks.

Mr Taring said: "This is due to the fact that J P Construction need to lay sewage pipes through the site, as part of essential sewer easement work relating to the new housing development at the old gas works site.

"Paths at Oatleys Meadow will be safely diverted while the work is taking place. The site will be returned to normal when the work has been completed.

"The Herefordshire Council parks and countryside service would like to thank all users of Oatleys Meadow for their co-operation during this time."