BROMYARD town councillors are asking dog owners to clean up after their pets.

Coun Dorothy Pooley said the Playing Field Working Party had received a number of complaints about dog excrement on the town's playing fields off the Old Road.

She said: "The children find that they are getting it all over shoes. It's most unthinking of people to leave it there.

"A lot of parents don't let their children go up there because of the mess. It isn't acceptable any more.

"The playing field is not fenced, there is a path that goes through it and we can't always stop the stray dogs going in nor can we stop people going in to exercise their dogs. It's an ongoing problem."

Coun Pooley asked that dog owners carry bags with them when walking their dogs in a bid to clean up the area.

"The alternative is to fence the whole thing in although we'll have to look into that.," she said. "It would be appreciated if people take something with them. Apart from being most unpleasant, you can get horrible diseases."