TWO teachers from John Beddoes School in Presteigne have returned from a trip to the Gambian town of Kartong, organised by the Hereford-based charity Concern Universal. Its aim was to show how they are encouraging self-help projects in the Gambia such as small-scale farming and women’s allotment schemes. Isabel Morris and Ruth Kirkby also visited several primary and secondary schools, studying teaching methods and resources in this developing country. They met the head teacher of Kartong Basic Cycle School, Harry Badjie, and discussed ways in which they could initiate links between the two schools to the benefit of pupils in both the Gambia and at John Beddoes. Eight sixth formers and another member of John Beddoes staff, Clare Victor, are due to visit the school at Easter, and it is hoped that this will be just the first in a series of reciprocal visits.