A Herefordshire Council trial has provided ammunition for Ashperton residents calling for action against speeding motorists.

The speed of 20,000 vehicles was logged during the week-long trial in November, showing that the majority broke the 40mph limit.

Now Ashperton Primary School headteacher David Swann says he is more concerned that ever about the safety of the 150 children at his school.

Mr Swann said: "The data doesn't surprise me. Just being in school, watching the cars go by, it's obvious that they are going over 40mph when 40mph is too fast anyway. We want the speed restricted to 30mph. That's quite a difference."

On Monday (January 13), Ashperton parish councillor Ian Newberry will meet Justine Heath, Herefordshire's speed control officer, when engineering measures acceptable to the local community will be discussed.

Herefordshire Council's own data, gathered between November 15 and 24, showed that the average north-bound vehicle did 46.94mph, while south-bound traffic on A417 at Ashperton was moving at an average of 47.06mph.

Coun Newberry said: "Herefordshire Council is doing something but I'm still not happy unless action is taken. If I hadn't made such a noise, nothing would have happened."

Coun Newberry had been planning to hold a public meeting about the speed campaign in the village hall on Tuesday (January 14), at 7.30pm.

This meeting has now been put on hold until after discussions with Herefordshire Council.

Ashperton Parish Council is scheduled to meet on January 30, when the speed campaign will be on the agenda.