MADAM, Hands up Hereford - surely one of the dirtiest and gummed up cities in the country.

Litter everywhere (hands up Tesco for possibly the scruffiest surrounds of any local superstore?), and an amazing quantity of discarded chewing gum.

One wonders at the impoverished minds of the individuals who discard their gum and litter onto the pavements of our otherwise beautiful city. These people are to be pitied as much as vilified.

But there is no excuse for the councils and their members - they can deal with litter/gum louts and they can employ far more street cleaners. Why don't they? Can it be that they value the city no more than the filthy individuals who cause the problem in the first place. Surely not?

And possibly a New Year resolution for everyone - show a bit of class, pick up a bit of litter and put it in a bin.


Well Cottage, Quay Street, Hereford.