MADAM, Has Hereford lost pride in itself? I visit Hereford four or five times a year to visit family and I consider the city my home having moved away for work reasons.

Over the last year or two I have noticed a marked deterioration in the appearance of the city. Graffiti is far more widespread than even in the urban midlands. It is to be found on every available surface, not just on hidden out of the way walls, but on street signs and in the town centre. The area around the bridge seems particularly bad.

Litter is everywhere to be seen. On a recent walk near the river over the Christmas period the number of beer cans, butane cans and other rubbish along the river path and elsewhere was quite shocking.

The city has sadly developed a generally run-down feel about it and compares badly with towns around it in the area in my view.

I have a great deal of affection for Hereford, and spent many happy years living and working there. To be blunt with you I would not consider living there currently in the state it seems to be in.

What is being done to address these issues I wonder?

K Jenkins,( ex-resident),

Church Street, Shipston on Stour