Weobley High School's county champion Clare Conway maintained her excellent form to achieve victory in the intermediate girls' event in the Leominster District Schools' Cross Country Championships at Ten-bury.

Her team-mate Katie Gamble also ran well to finish second as Weobley comfortably won the intermediate girls' team race after having five runners in the first eight positions.

Weobley also had the winner of the most exciting race with Tom Jackson producing a perfectly timed finish to just beat Kington's Andrew Gwy-nne.

But Jackson's victory could not prevent Minster from taking the team title with Weobley finishing a close second.

In the Year 7 girls' race, Wigmore's Suzanne Turvey just managed to beat off a determined effort from Bromyard's Lydia Harris and she also led Wigmore to a narrow victory in the team race.

Kington's Nick Layton ran impressively in the Year 7 boys' race but could not stop Weobley from claiming a comprehensive team victory.

Wigmore's Jenny Gunn-ing and Clare Seagrott took first and second places respectively to steer their team to a clear victory in the junior girls' race.

Weobley were the convincing winners of the junior boys' event after having four runners finish in the first eight positions, including Mark Lamonby, who dominated the race from the start.

The Leominster district team will now be looking forward to the Hereford-shire and Worcestershire Championships at Bredon School this Saturday.


Year 7 boys: 1 Nick Layton (Kington), 2 Ryan McLay (Minster), 3 Kieran Singleton (Minster). Team: 1 Weobley 71 points, 2 Wigmore 96, 3 Minster 99.

Year 7 girls: 1 Suzanne Turvey (Wigmore), 2 Lydia Harris (Bromyard), 3 Sarah Lamonby (Weobley). Team: 1 Wigmore 67, 2 Weobley 71, 3 Bromyard 93.

Junior boys: 1 Mark Lamonby (Weobley), 2 Martin Wardle (Minster), 3 Tim Clarke (Weobley). Team: 1 Weobley 53, 2 Minster 92, 3 Bromyard 115.

Junior girls: 1 Jenny Gunning (Wigmore), 2 Claire Seagrott (Wigmore), 3 Daisy Jackson (Weobley). Team: 1 Wigmore 55, 2 Weobley 92, 3 Kington 108.

Inter boys: 1 Tom Jackson (Weobley), 2 Andrew Gwynne (Kington), 3 Craig Morris (Wigmore). Team: 1 Minster 69, 2 Weobley 75, 3 Wigmore 85.

Inter girls: 1 Clare Conway (Weobley), 2 Katie Gamble (Weobley), Clare Anderson (Wigmore). Team: 1 Weobley 14, 2 Minster 43, 3 Tenbury 66.