MATTHEW Warley outsprinted Ben Cox near the finishing line to win the senior boys' race of the Hereford District Schools Cross Country Champion-ships.

The superior speed, strength and athleticism of the Sixth Form pair was evident as they dominated a competitive race in frosty conditions to push team-mate Stuart William into third position.

Aylestone's M Davies won a competitive inter boys' race, Bishop's E Short won the junior boys' race and Ayle-stone's T Le Mar was a convincing winner of the Year 7 race.

In the girls' section, Hereford Cathedral's Sarah Fletcher ran strongly to take the senior title. Cathedral School colleague Vicky Frith was full of running as she dominated the inter girls' race and Elizabeth Marlow won the junior girls' race with half a mile to spare to complete a triple success for Cathedral.

In the Year 7 girls' race, Bishop's A Fowler held on to a significant advantage as J Little (Haywood) and A Ballantyne (Aylestone) fought out the minor places.


Senior boys: 1 M Warley (Sixth Form College), 2 B Cox (Sixth Form College), 3 S Williams (Sixth Form College).

Inter boys: 1 M Davies (Aylesytone), 2 P Workman (Bishop's), 3 J Williams (Bishop's). Team: Aylestone.

Junior boys: 1 E Short (Bishop's), 2 J Upcott (Aylestone), 3 L Marriott (Whitecross). Team: Bishop's.

Year 7 boys: 1 T Le Mar (Aylestone), 2 J Fisher (Cathedral), 3 G Taylor (Haywood). Team: Cathedral.

Senior girls: 1 S Fletcher (Cathedral), 2 T Spencer (Cathedral).

Inter girls: 1 Vicky Frith (Cathedral), 2 N Taylor (Bishop's), 3 J Chambers (Cathedral). Team: Cathedral.

Junior girls: 1 E Marlow (Cathedral), 2 P Blandford (Bishop's), 3 Sophie Joss (Cathedral). Team: Cathedral.

Year 7 girls: 1 A Fowler (Bishop's), 2 J Little (Haywood), 3 A Ballantyne (Aylestone). Team: Aylestone.