PARISH NOTES -- Anne Keen of Community First (The Community Council for Herefordshire and Worcestershire), had been invited to our November meeting to discuss possible extra transport facilities which parish councils are being encouraged to arrange to assist travel in their areas. She talked at some length about special grant assistance, which is available for such projects and answered a number of questions put by councillors. Whether our council is in a position to take up and administer any useful scheme will be the subject of future discussion. There are a very limited number of Golden Jubilee commemorative mugs available and, if any child within Weobley Parish has been missed, please would a parent contact Michael Ware, council chairman, at Throne Farm. It is with regret that we still have not had certain footpath lights repaired due to a lack of spare parts. We are still hoping that the Herefordshire Council will take over the responsibility for these lights but they have to be in good repair and up to that council's standard before this can happen. The planning application for development to the north of the Red Lion Hotel is being unanimously opposed by the parish council due largely to its interruption of the outstanding view of the Grade I parish church. English Heritage is a statutory consultee when an application of this sort arises and it will be interesting to hear their comments as they have put a large amount of money into the church restoration. The Unitary Development Plan for Herefordshire is now in circulation and it shows little change for Weobley from the plan proposed by the Leominster District Council with the only area scheduled for growth running from the Methodist Chapel to Gad Bridge Road behind the houses on Hereford Road. A large part of this allocation has already been taken up. Further potential housing sites along Gad Bridge Road and the Kings Pyon Road were not included after planning officers had discussed them at a village meeting. The sewage works is operating near maximum capacity and would require expensive additions to enable much extra development here. To obtain its operating funds the parish council has to precept on the Herefordshire Council and the demand we make has to be prepared in November to enable the figure to be included in the county's budget for the forthcoming year. Once again the parish is able to reduce its demand on council tax payers as the loan repayments which we have been making since 1993 are coming to an end. This loan was to help pay for the large refurbishment of the village hall. Civil emergencies will be one of the subjects to be discussed at the next area forum arranged by the Herefordshire Council. It is disappointing to think that we now have to consider threats from terrorism as well as naturally occurring ones. Also brought to our attention was the more pleasant one of a meeting to discuss the 'Herefordshire in Bloom' possibilities for next year.