SENIOR police, highway representatives and councillors have all been invited by the Parish Outline Group to discuss road safety.

The group, originally formed to tackle litter and the use of rural footpaths, has just released the results of its traffic surveys in Grafton, Haywood, Dewsall, Callow and Bullinghope.

These showed an overwhelming demand for safer roads with 94 per cent of villagers asked for speed restrictions and traffic calming.

Parish councillor Ashley Elliott said: "The roads through Callow and Haywood are notorious 'rat-runs' during rush hours and last year a cyclist died in an accident.

"We felt it was time we did something."

The group member also said: "Everyone is encouraged to have their say and make proposals that might not only improve our quality of life - but also save it."

A public meeting will take place at Callow village hall on February 3 at 7.30pm to discuss the issues raised in the surveys.