MADAM, I was delighted to read Bill Wiggin MP's letter (Jan 2) to learn he has downgraded his opposition to the proposed Hereford Markets Bill, stating he will now just try to 'delay' it.

Previously he had been quoted as being 'furious' at such a proposal and he would 'oppose' it as 'ignoring the rights of farmers'.

Mr Wiggin argues he wants to know exactly what is planned for the cattle market and Edgar Street sites first.

We already know the cattle market will be moved out of town as successfully done in Worcester and Ludlow; that the police have identified the site for a new HQ; that the council want to close several smaller offices and move to a site that already houses two council buildings - this alone would save ratepayers thousands in overheads and maintenance.

We are also aware Hereford United would be able to redevelop its ground and include other sports facilities.

The site could also accommodate a new library, new shops, a hotel, a multi-screen cinema and new homes in the centre of the city.

Mr Wiggin surely understands no firm proposals can be placed before the council for planning permission until the Markets Bill, effectively allowing the market to be moved, becomes law. It really is that simple!

When the council discussed the proposed Markets Bill it was supported by all groups on the council, including Labour Lib Dem, Independents and Conservatives. Mr Wiggin who has said he wants the Markets Bill delayed until after the May local elections - if that is not petty party politics I don't know what is!

Hereford City and our county need this development - with job losses looming at Keg Services and Bulmers, we need to look forward to the new jobs and services this development would bring.

The only people who would benefit from a delay in Parliament are the solicitors being paid by the council to steer the Markets Bill through.

Mr Wiggin should drop his opposition to the Markets Bill now and get behind it fast.

PAUL KEETCH, MP for Hereford, House of Commons.