MADAM, I am a 66 year old man who on December 30, 2002, at about 10 minutes past twelve, was walking home along Walnut Tree Avenue, when I slipped on the kerb and fell.

The fall left me stunned, and I found I could not rise to my feet, I thus prepared myself for either a cold night on the floor and perhaps death by freezing.

Luckily I heard voices and saw two young lads ride pass on bikes they looked but didn't stop - they must have thought : 'we don't want to get involved.'

But then to my surprise they returned. I thought the worst, are they going to mug me?

The eldest helped me to my feet and they were both concerned about the condition I was in. They asked me where I lived and while one lad pushed the bikes, the other escorted me right to my front gate.

I was in no state at the time to reward them for their kindness, but I did ask them if they come to the place (they know where), and ask for me by name, and I would gladly give the reward they so richly deserve.

These lads were knights in shining armour, and proves not all youths are thugs.


Redhill, Hereford.