MADAM, I was unfortunate to have just spent nine days in December in the care of Hereford County Hospital.

First impressions: grumpy and seemingly deaf receptionist did nothing to lift my spirits.

The six hours on a trolley in A&E listening to doctors shouting about no beds available, I was finally admitted to a ward, one of the old huts, which had a slight revamp on a tight budget.

It was here I experienced and saw many things to cause concern. Nurses are under such pressure in appalling conditions, I was told one morning the shift should have eight staff but only three were available.

They had to attend to 24 patients, many confined to bed.

I, on numerous occasions was left unattended in bed for 19 hours. You feel a nuisance just being there, care and conditions are appalling with just three toilets and two bathrooms (one of which is shared with a male adjoining ward) it is even difficult to get a wash.

There appears to be lots of new equipment but nothing is working, the overhead patients TVs etc with phones have not been installed, modern equipment the nurses use always seems to be broken or out of charge.

The total lack of privacy does not lend itself to healing and convalescence. Food is cold and very unappetising, how can they go so wrong with such simple food?

My appreciation goes to all the caring and dedicated staff, to the rest you need to review your careers.

And to the Hospital Trust please go and spend some time on the wards and see for yourself.

Name and address supplied.