HEREFORDSHIRE county chairman John Griffiths awarded prizes to the series winners at the Marches Bridge for All Club's latest meeting.

Results were, teams ladder round one: 1 Maureen and John Dinnis, Jan and Tony Burke +68, 2 Eileen Sidders and Joan Burton, Carol and Peter Timms +42, 3 Jeff Andrews, Ed Robertson, Janet Foot and Ed Bourne +31, 4 Shelagh Watts, Mariella Hayward-Cook. Rodney Archard and Ian Foster +29, 5 Helen and Jonathan Thomas, Debbie Houston and Colin Day +13.

Continuing Pairs: N/S 1 Di and Ed Bourne, 2 Val Bird and John Fenton, 3 Richard Cottam and Joe Forryan; E/W 1 Barry Stephenson and Rodney Archard, 2 Mary Diggins and David Elliston, 3 Betty and Michael Hakes.