THE Crime Through Time Museum looks set to stay in Newent, despite rumours that it is to move to the Cotwolds.

The news has been welcomed by mayor Fred Passant, who said he was delighted the museum would remain as a major tourist attraction.

Coun Passant said: "I do know that there have been some noises made about it moving, but they were very tentative, so I am not surprised that it's not moving at the moment.

"I believe the museum is an asset for Newent. It's not to everyone's taste; but you can't cater for everyone's taste, and it is an attraction for some people.

"If the premises were vacated, there would be a problem with what to do with the place, and personally I am glad it's staying."

The Museum's owner, Andy Jones, confirmed this week that he is looking at buying another premises at Northleach in the Cotswolds.

He said: "It is a former house of correction, prison, police station and court room; much in line with what I have in Newent, but on a larger scale."

However, Mr Jones said that even if the Cotswold property was secured, both of the museums could be kept open.

He said: "As far as we are concerned, we are staying put, at least for the time being."

Mr Jones said the Newent museum was "a very successful business" but declined to comment on visitor numbers.

The attraction is to have a number of new additions this year, with some on the theme of "freaks and oddities".

Mr Jones said: "We will have a two-headed calf. It is something of a curiosity museum as well."

The museum will also display a stuffed grizzly bear and a black bear.