WHILE accepting speed is a killer, the average motorist is not a criminal.

The answer is complex. I cannot see that to stand a policeman with a radar gun or to set up a camera is the only answer. Education is a better option.

The car is here to stay, enormous sums of money are collected in taxes from the motorist. Police forces sell the footage to make the police stop videos to provide entertainment on television and in so doing educate the tearaway showing them tricks they had not even thought about.

There must be a way of educating the motorist through the media, press and television to promote a better standard of driving. It would be a wonderful achievement if readers of the Hereford Times could be in the forefront of a campaign to promote this. It has to start somewhere.

Coincidentally the A49 between Hereford and Ross on Wye was recently voted in the top 10 most dangerous stretches of road in this country and yet it is really an excellent road.

I would like to know your comments.

Glyn Lewis,

The Vauld, Marden.