WE have all exceeded the speed limit from time to time and been happy no police officer has seen our misdeed, or recorded our excesses.

But to say the police are 'turning normal law-abiding people into law breakers', by applying the law rigorously to speeding motorists, is nonsense.

The speeding motorist breaks the law without any outside assistance, as all drivers who have taken a driving test spent a great deal of time and effort memorising the Highway Code and needed to demonstrate their ability to an examiner to pass the test.

We all know that it is unlawful to steal from a shop. Many shops remind us that thieves will be prosecuted. Therefore, if we steal items it is our conscious decision to do so, we make a choice and must bear any consequences.

When we see a road sign that says 30mph maximum speed, we, as motorists must make decision to either observe the limit or ignore it.

If we choose to ignore it we can only blame ourselves if we receive a speeding ticket. The problem with people today is that so many bleat about their rights, but fail to observe their responsibilities and obligations.


Beaufort Avenue, Hereford.