MEET the three degrees ... Alan, Margy and Jack Hughes make academic qualification a family affair with each graduating at the same time.

Jack, aged 22, takes honours in English and drama away from Queen Mary, University of London. He is now after a career as an actor having first honed his stage skills at Hereford Sixth Form College.

Mum Margy earned a BSc (Hons) in midwifery from University College, Worcester. She starts as a midwife at Hereford County Hospital this month having worked for Hereford and District National Childbirth Trust for many years.

Alan, head of academic affairs at Herefordshire College of Art and Design (HCAD), has a master's degree from the University of Wales, Cardiff.

Daughter Xaviere adds a fourth dimension to show that home is where the art is. She joins dad in an exhibition during Herefordshire Art Week.

They have extended a shared interest in the impact of consumerism into Disposable - a series of works created out of 'everyday throwaway'.

Xaviere lectures part-time at HCAD where last year she was artist-in-residence. She got her master's degree two years ahead of dad in 2001.

l Disposable is on display at Hereford Museum and Art Gallery until Sunday (September 21).