DOWN by the River Wye in Hereford, an Edwardian lady in a long dress and fancy hat is taking tea in an ornate gazebo.

Peculiar enough already in the 21st Century, but as you approach her you also realise that she is eerily faceless, a ghostly figure that nods gently in the wind.

Edwardian Summer is a brand new piece of public art commissioned by h.Art Herefordshire Art Week from Weobley-based artist Nicola Morriss. Made from vintage clothing and antique textiles moulded into shape with acrylic resin, the piece was unveiled for the first time last Friday in Kate Square, Left Bank Village.

"I had planned to make a piece based on a photograph of Herefordshire worthies from the past, but I couldn't find anything in the archives that suited my way of working. What struck me, though, was how similar all the photographs were - individual characteristics were blurring, and people becoming almost faceless," Nicola explained.

Edwardian Summer will remain in Kate Square until Monday. See for full details.