STEERING GROUP -- The Breinton parish plan steering group met in the village hall on September 8 to receive the initial results of the questionnaire analysis. A more detailed presentation will be made available within the next few weeks that will allow a more detailed study. The survey has already identified six issues of importance, in the following order: a) environment, b) crime and disorder, c) housing, d) transport, e) leisure and f) tourism. The steering group agreed that the young people of school age, residing within the parish, should be invited to participate in an individual or team competition outlining the worst and best things about living in Breinton. Entries may include paintings, drawings and photographs. Details regarding entry will be included in a future edition of the parish section of the West Hereford publication 'Teamtalk'. The steering group will meet again on Monday, October 6 in the village hall, commencing at 7pm.