FROM Bridges Childcare, Wormbridge to the London Bridges Walk - two Herefordshire women put their best foot forward to help unfortunate children on Saturday.

Nursery manager, Lianne Piggott, and her cousin, Kate Parsons, raised about £150 for the Children's Society when they took to the streets of London for the five-mile walk.

Lianne said: "It is the local church charity and I saw the collection box and thought 'there's a link with the children and bridges' and I thought 'that's the one for us'. It is good fun for a good cause."

A sea of brightly-coloured helium balloons symbolised a crowd of more than 200 people who participated in the event.

Now the nursery is open, places are available breathing new life into the once redundant Wormbridge School site.

Aiming to keep the old school's loving atmosphere, individuality and family orientation, Lianne hopes to promote awareness and value of people with differing cultures and special needs.

For further information call Bridges Childcare on 01981 570271.