A FLYING instructor expressed concerns about a student's progress before a helicopter was wrecked and two men were injured in an accident at Shobdon Airfield.

The Robinson helicopter hit the ground and turned over during a training exercise when the student failed to follow correct procedure, said a report by the Air Accident Investigations Branch.

Both men were hurt and the 1987 aircraft was "damaged beyond economic repair" in the incident on June 10.

The 38-year-old instructor, the holder of a commercial pilot's licence with 559 hours of flying experience, told investigators he had flown a total of 12 hours with the student.

The instructor described the trainee's progress as slow. The student was "unable to communicate and fly at the same time and consistently had problems handing over or taking control correctly."

The instructor discussed the problems with his chief flying instructor and agreed to continue teaching the student.

On the next flight the process of handing over and taking over control was revised and practised.

But on the subsequent flight, after about 30 minutes of general handling, the accident happened.


The student began incorrect procedures after he was given control at a hover practice area while hovering at a height of about eight feet.

The instructor said "I have control" and applied correcting control measures but his actions were overridden by the actions of the student.

"The helicopter struck the ground with the tail rotor, as the low rotor rpm warning horn sounded, and rolled on to its right side where it came to rest," said the AAIB report.

Both men involved sustained minor injuries.