THREE talented players from Sellack Wanderers Short Mat Bowls Club have been picked to represent the England Under-18 Select against the Essex County Senior team at Coryton on Sunday.Family bowlers (left to right) Martin Barnfield, David Skyrme and Nigel Skyrme.

England-Under-18 regular Nigel Skyrme is being joined by his brother David, aged 12, and Martin Barnfield, 16, who will both be making their England debuts.

Although David was invited to an England Under-18 practice session last season in Milton Keynes, this weekend's match will be his first competitive appearance for the ESBA national team.

It will be a proud occasion for the Wanderers coach Ivor Skyrme who has worked hard with the club's younger players and promoted the sport in Herefordshire for the past eight years.

He is thrilled with the inclusion in the England squad of his two sons and nephew and will be travelling with the trio.

Last year Gareth Barnfield, Martin's brother, commanded a regular place in the England Under-18 Select but he is now out of the age group.

The two Skyrme brothers and their cousin Martin demonstrated their outstanding ability this summer when they teamed up with Woolhope youngster Harry Rhode to represent Herefordshire - and won the Woodbridge Under-18 tournament in Bicester.