IT'S A disgrace that the Environment Agency has raided the funds raised for the long-promised Hereford flood defence scheme to pay to prevent the imminent collapse of the Stank.

Why wasn't there a contingency reserve to cover emergencies like this?

And it's a disgrace the Government, after funds have been raised from local ratepayers, is prepared to move the funding goalposts and pull the plug on the Hereford scheme while claiming to be putting more into flood defences. What a joke!

We're fed up with flooding and it's time Eliot Morley realised we're not going to take it any more. So, look out Eliot, there's at least one bucket of finest Hereford flood water coming your way in the very near future if something isn't done.

Andrew Lee, Wye View Villas, Wye Street, Hereford.