I CONFESS to have been wildly excited by the TV programme Restoration on BBC2 this evening, so well presented by Griff Rhys Jones and associates, and I voted, (though I'm afraid I didn't vote for the winner).

It was wonderful to realise how much people are prepared to work to support restoring endangered buildings, and the bricks and mortar of our heritage, historical and social.

I only wish we cared more about those people, and I'm writing about individuals who suffer from dementia and mental illness, and whose disabilities are insufficiently funded by the Government, the NHS and by various PCTs all over the country.

How much we could help carers, sufferers and families if we allowed ourselves to become 'wildly excited' about work for mental illness and research instead of allowing mental health to be at the bottom of the pile as far as funding is concerned.

Instead, we tend to forget sufferers are the most vulnerable members of society and need help and compassion more than endangered buildings.

Sunday, September 21, is designated World Alzheimer's Day. Please consider this on the day, and add your prayers, campaigning spirit, and help for those who suffer, and for their families.


Vice Chairman, Herefordshire Alzheimer's Society, Westfaling Street, Hereford.