IN response to the writer last week about the bus protest, almost all were senior citizens, and their parents or a responsible guardian accompanied any children present.

The route adopted by the bus company was made with full knowledge of the speed bump situation in Redhill. Many other vehicles that use the road involved regularly suffer no problems and negotiate the speed bumps with absolutely no difficulty, as a consequence of reducing their speed.

It is true complaints are made when fares increase but why should residents have to undergo these, when there is no improvement?

The bus company itself creates the timetable, which is supposed to be an effective reflection of the time the buses should arrive. If this cannot be adhered to, it should be changed.

The bus drivers (who throughout the protest were amicable, and to an extent supportive) are ambassadors for First bus company, and the complaints directed to them are ones which should be passed on to their superior, in an attempt to get a resolution.

Some bus users could walk to town but is it appropriate for septuagenarians and even octogenarians? There are residents in Redhill who suffer from disabilities, and families with small children. Is it suitable or satisfactory for them to be deprived of a bus service?


Stanberrow Road, Hereford.