I AM not normally moved to write letters such as this but, after reading your article in the Hereford Times (May 13), entitled 'Fiasco' of call for help, I felt I had to write in and tell you of my experience. On April 20, I developed severe stomach pain, I tried to shrug it off but it persisted, becoming unbearable after about 15-20 minutes.

I asked my husband to call our GP; he was given the Primecare line telephone number. He related my symptoms over the phone and was told that a doctor would call back shortly. The doctor did call back, she asked my husband what the symptoms were and then asked me to explain the symptoms. The doctor then asked me to go to the clinic at Goal Street; I was confused and asked her if she meant Gaol Street, she repeated 'No, Goal Street'.

I was in too much pain, my husband called an ambulance that arrived within minutes. At hospital my symptoms were diagnosed and I had an operation the following day.

During my stay at the County Hospital I received care that was second to none and I would like to say that I am extremely grateful for the patience and care of the dedicated staff.

I sympathise greatly with Mr Taylor and appreciated Mrs Tremayne's comment when she asked how Mr Taylor was suppose to get to Gaol Street when he was obviously so ill and from so great a distance.

I appreciate that the NHS is having problems and that the funds and staff are over stretched, but there does seem to me to be a problem in this particular area that needs addressing, before something serious occurs and someone is heard to say the phrase that I appear to hear more and more these days: 'Well, there will be an enquiry to ensure it doesn't happen again'.


Shellard Walk, Hereford.