I WENT by train from Hereford the other day as I sometimes do on the huge loop of a journey, through lovely countryside to Gloucester via Newport.

I could have done another 'loop' via Foregate St, Worcester.

This got me thinking that instead of having the Rotherwas Relief Road/Link, another far better proposal would be a new rail link from Hereford to Gloucester, via the existing line to Ledbury.

Thus a new extended line could be built down past Bromesberrow to Newent which could have an exciting and super new station, the line carrying on with minimal environmental damage to Gloucester. This would be a fantastic new route by rail, a fast 20 minutes, 25 minutes perhaps, link to Gloucester our 'sister' Cathedral City.

Perhaps, with a new freight terminal at Hereford Station to help relieve the SW bound A49 and A465, more visitors would come to Hereford creating employment along with an environmentally friendly rail embankment as a haven for wildlife.

Railways are sadly rarely built now. It may sound at first a rather daft and tongue in cheek idea. But I believe it to be well feasible and would be super for Hereford, Newent and Gloucester opening up the South West even more.

R PARKER, Merseyside, Liverpool