PEOPLE using new stainless steel 'super loos' in Leominster have been forced to blush before they can flush.

Some people answering the call of nature got their knickers in a twist over timer-controlled doors which sprang open too soon.

The five unisex loos, which have only been in use for a month, have been the cause of some embarrassment - the self-contained cubicles open directly to the pavement at Leominster Bus Station.

Herefordshire Council issued an apology to anyone who had suffered from sudden unwanted exposure.

"There have been some teething problems with the new toilets," confirmed council engineer Stephen Oates.

"An electrical fault has been the cause of the doors unlocking at 'inopportune' moments and this has now been rectified.

"However, reports of customers receiving an 'unexpected' flush is the result of people not closing the doors after they exit the cubicle.

"Signs are being installed to remind people exiting the cubicle to shut the doors before the next person enters.

"After a person leaves the cubicle, the door closing triggers the flushing action.

"As a safety precaution people should only enter the cubicle when the light above the door is green."

Mr Oates added: "We hope we've got to the 'bottom of the problem'."