CLOSED-circuit television cameras monitoring Hereford's streets have proved invaluable in helping the police detect crime.

The Herefordshire Council CCTV cameras officially 'went live' last July and have captured vital evidence.

Insp Paul Crow has been responsible for dealing with a number of incidents in the city.

He said some had been particularly violent, with a number caught by the CCTV operators.

In one, last December, three youths attacked a man in Aubrey Street and stills from the CCTV recordings were released to the media in a bid to trace them.

Within two weeks, the three had been identified and were later charged with various assault and public order offences.

"People need to know that such anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated and the police will use every tool available to find the perpetrators - this includes the use of CCTV," said Insp Crow.

"What people also need to know is that, even though they may not be arrested at the time they commit an offence, it may take a few days. But we will catch up with the offenders."

Jenny Goldsbury, who is responsible for managing the CCTV Control Room for Herefordshire Council, said: "Clearly we are delighted at these results and have every confidence the cameras - situated across Hereford City, in Leominster and Ross-on-Wye - will continue to play an important part in reducing crime across the county.

"We are doing all we can to assist the police, by providing what is undoubtedly important evidence captured on our cameras."