THE Herefordshire coroner has praised a quick thinking Good Samaritan who gave comfort to an elderly woman.

Helen Winstanley Haworth had 'fallen flat on her face' and banged her head when she tripped on a kerb in Gaol Street, Hereford, last November.

Michelle Baker, a housewife from Cherrybrook Close, Hope-under-Dinmore, reassured Mrs Winstanley Haworth as they waited for an ambulance after she saw the 83-year-old from Lugwardine trip on a kerb.

"She had her head on my lap and I told her she was going to be ok," said Mrs Baker. "We were just coming along the road and she was walking across the road and she did it in front of the car.

"It was quite a high kerb and she did not actually see it. I was just really sorry to hear that she had died."

Mrs Winstanley Haworth was taken to hospital but died a few days later of head injuries she sustained in the fall.

Family members were shocked that Mrs Winstanley Haworth had fallen because she seemed so sure footed, but Mrs Baker offered them some comfort by stating that 'anybody could have tripped over that kerb', the inquest heard.

Recording a verdict of accidental death, county coroner David Halpern said: "Mrs Winstanley Haworth was relatively fit for her age. Unfortunately at the age she was we do know that people are prone to falling and sustaining life threatening injuries.

He added that she had seemed to be pretty 'hale and hearty' and it was nice to think she had an enjoyable life.