A ROLLING stone gathering much attention rolls into Hereford Courtyard theatre next week.

Marie Jones' Stones In His Pockets has enjoyed four successful years on London's West End and recently completed a world tour.

It's a comedy that offers lots of laughs, with just enough underlying seriousness to keep it grounded. Part of the attraction of the two-hander is that it demands the actors to each play seven characters apiece, creating a satirical picture of an Irish village's encounter with a Hollywood film crew.

Central characters Charlie and Jake, are locals hired as extras in a Ryan's Daughter-like Hollywood version of olde Ireland. We watch them lounge about waiting to do their bits in crowd scenes, and also see a dozen other figures through their eyes - the blokish assistant director, his simpering girl assistant, the glamorous leading actress and various other extras.

The pleasure of the culture clashes and caricatures is said to be infectious.

Stones In His Pockets plays on May 25-26. To book call 0870 1122330.

Following the first Voices In The Gallery evening at last's year's production of Under Milk Wood, The Courtyard will hold free poetry reading sessions in the Gallery, prior to the evening performance of Stones In His Pockets.

Local poets Amanda Attfield and Paul Christmas will read from their own published work, with musical accompaniment by Lin Hayward. Call in to the Gallery between 6.45pm and 7.15pm.