HEREFORD Cathedral School has been awarded a sizeable scholarship for a 16-year-old state school pupil entering Sixth Form education in September 2004.

It has been given to the school from a fund set up by multi-millionaire businessman Peter Ogden, co-founder of Computacenter.

The scholarship, which is means tested, is intended for the talented children of less affluent families to allow them to be sent to fee paying schools.

It could be worth a free place, plus equipment, travel and uniform allowances, for the successful candidate. Candidates should expect to achieve at least five grade A results at GCSE. They should intend to take two pure science or maths subjects at A level, and read for a science related or maths degree.

The headmaster, Howard Tomlinson, said he was delighted that the Cathedral School was one of only 30 schools nationally to have been given an Ogden Scholarship. Interested parents should contact the admissions secretary at the Cathedral School (01432 363506) for details.