Hereford United are currently deciding how to proceed after receiving a repair bill from referee Andy Woolmer for damage allegedly sustained to his car after the Nationwide Conference play-off semi-final at Edgar Street on May 3.

Woolmer's controversial decision to send off Hereford defender Andy Tretton 20 minutes into the match left United to play with 10 men for the game's remaining 100 minutes before being beaten on penalties.

"We are waiting for a statement from our chief steward Len Dykes who accompanied the referee to his car after the game," said United director and company secretary Joan Fennessy.

"But I believe that the only thing that could be seen was a faint scratch on the boot. We don't understand who would have known that that car belonged to the referee."

Herefordshire police, meanwhile, have received no notification of the incident.

"We are unaware of any reports of criminal damage to a motor vehicle on Monday, May 3 in Merton Meadow car park," said Chief Inspector Shane Hancock.

"If anyone has been a victim of such an offence then we would urge them to report it to us so that we can investigate it. Until such a report has been received, we cannot take any further action."