Hereford student Rosie Purdye has decided to spend her gap year giving back to the community instead of getting away from it! The 19-year-old student is spending her gap year volunteering for the charity Concern Universal.

Concern Universal is an international development charity based in Hereford that fights poverty and injustice in Asia, South America and Africa.

Rosie was at Fairfield High School, Peterchurch, before attending Hereford Sixth Form College, where she studied English, theatre studies and communication studies.

Instead of spending her gap year jetting off to an exotic location, she decided charity begins at home.

As well as receiving useful work experience she is providing a valuable service to the community and will be helping Concern Universal with its busy year ahead. This will include the grand finale of the three-year programme involving children from Hereford, Northern Ireland, Colombia and Kenya.

Laura Salisbury, of Concern Universal, said: "The support we're receiving at the moment from young people is amazing. The younger generation of Herefordshire are really keen to get involved in all aspects of the charity, both volunteering and fundraising."

Laura has been putting together a team of fundraisers and welcomes any support from volunteers or people who are interested in working for the charity. She can be contacted on 01432 355111.