PLANS for new road safety measures to prevent accidents at a Bromyard bridge were discussed at a meeting on Thursday.

The section of the A44 over the Petty Bridge could soon have a comprehensive signage and road-etching scheme to try and slow traffic down.

The bridge over the River Frome, at the eastern exit of the town, has been the scene of several accidents over the years.

The most recent smash was in April when a lorry travelling over the narrow bridge met a bus. The lorry, which was carrying 40,000 litres of fuel, crashed into the wall of the bridge. There were concerns that had it gone over, it would have hit an electricity pylon below.

Bromyard ward councillors Bernard Hunt and Peter Dauncey, together with Bringsty councillor Tom Hunt, met with Andrew Lee-Jones, lead engineer for Herefordshire Council's integrated transport projects, to discuss the issue on Thursday.

"We agreed the main problem was the speed of vehicles approaching the bridge from the Worcester direction," said Coun Hunt.

Mr Lee-Jones has agreed to review the safety of the area and will bring back ideas to the three local councillors for discussion.

This could mean bright red tarmac and improved signage on the section of road from the Worcester direction, near Hodge Batch Farm, over the bridge to the junction with Pump Street.

At Thursday's meeting, the councillors also discussed a pedestrian crossing under construction at the western exit of the A44 from Bromyard, with Mr Lee-Jones.

The town council had received a complaint that an area of land at Flaggoners' Green next to the crossing was infested with rats. Coun Hunt said they saw no evidence of rats on the site but the town council would encourage the landowner to clean up the area.