COLOURFUL costumes, hot weather and a holiday atmosphere enhanced the Caribbean islands theme of Colwall Primary School's spring fete.

Around 500 people flocked to the event last Saturday to take advantage of the range of activities, games and stalls.

Favourites were the greasy pole, where competitors vied to knock their opponent off using a pillow, a limbo competition won by pupil Lydia Burgess, who managed to get under a bar just 70cm from the ground, and a candy floss stall run by PTA secretary Liz Hallam.

Children also enjoyed rides on a miniature fire engine that had been rescued from a scrap yard.

Head Richard Southall said the Caribbean theme was popular, with parents and children rising to the occasion in grass skirts and pirate costumes.

"It was a lovely day," he said. "The sun shone and everyone had a good time."

Proceeds will go towards the cost of school trips.