THE count for the Leominster constituency for the impending general election is to take place in Hereford.

Herefordshire Council has revealed the result for the seat, currently held by Bill Wiggin, will be announced at Hereford Leisure Centre.

Previous election counts have taken place at the Bridge Street Sports Centre in Leominster but the change is being made to save resources. Chris Bull, Herefordshire Council chief executive and electoral registration officer, said: “The decision to hold the two counts at a single location has been made to ensure that they can be conducted as efficiently as possible with the results being available at the earliest opportunity.

“Parliamentary agents were consulted before the decision was made.”

■ Meanwhile, 10 per cent of Herefordshire residents might be unable to vote in the general election.

About 90 per cent of people registered to vote when Herefordshire Council sent out forms to 79,500 addresses last autumn. But those who did not could lose their right to do so unless they register in time.

“Sometimes people don’t realise they need to re-register every year,” said Mr Bull. “Don’t let anything stop you making your mark and having your say.”

The time between the election date being announced and the last chance to register can be a matter of days.

To register, visit or call 01432 260107. The election has to be called by June 3 and there needs to be 17 working days’ notice before it takes place.