A HEREFORD man who racially abused a group of Poles has been praised by a judge for his good behaviour.

Gavin Barratt, aged 22, of Escley Drive, Redhill, will not be given an anti-social behaviour order for a string of violent attacks.

His victims included a 15-year-old and Polish people enjoying a housewarming party.

But Hereford Crown Court heard last Friday that Barratt had made a “marked improvement” during his deferred sentence, and did not deserve custody.

At Worcester Crown Court in April, Barratt admitted five counts of assault causing actual bodily harm, four racially aggravated.

The previous hearing was told a drunken Barratt and two friends invaded the Polish party at All Saints Court, Hereford.

He hurled racist abuse while assaulting Polish guests, and later bragged to police about getting the better of foreigners.

Barratt was on bail for a previous assault on April 18, where he targeted schoolboys on the Great Western Way.

A 15-year-old suffered a broken nose after being headbutted by Barratt, under the influence of drink and drugs.

Alex Warren, prosecuting, said the CPS wanted to impose an anti-social behaviour order on Barratt, which included restrictions on drinking in public and joining threatening groups.

But that was called unnecessary by Judge Daniel Pearce-Higgins, who congratulated him for keeping out of trouble.

“You’ve done well and I congratulate you, and I encourage you to keep up the good work,” said the judge.

Barratt was given a 24-month community order, must undertake 200 hours unpaid work and take part in 23 counselling sessions.