HEREFORD Cathedral has continued the ancient practice of commemorating prominent figures in stone.

Notable county figures have seen their images preserved for posterity to celebrate the personalities that make up the cathedral community.

The carvings by Capps and Capps Limited are part of the restoration of the clerestory, on the exterior of the south aisle of the cathedral.

It has been funded by English Heritage, the Wolfson Foundation and the Hereford Cathedral Perpetual Trust.

Honoured in this way are: Ron Shoesmith, who served as cathedral archaeologist for 14 years. He is associated with archaeological investigations resulting from the building of the new library.

Sir Thomas Dunne, who last year retired as Lord Lieutenant of Herefordshire. Sir Thomas, with Lady Dunne, has been a strong supporter of the cathedral and continues as chairman of the cathedral council.

Michael Bayliss, who has served as dean’s verger for 18 years but retires in December.

Sir John Cotterell, who in December retires after 20 years as chairman of the Mappa Mundi Trust. Sir John’s late wife, Lady Cotterell, was founder chair of Hereford Cathedral Perpetual Trust and is herself commemorated by a new intercession board and candle stand.